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About Us

Instrucor Chip Lohman was formed to help those interested in learning more about
  personal protection or the shooting sports. I've been fortunate to learn a lot
  since 1970 as a teacher, Marine Corps Sniper School Instructor, competitive
  shooter and former editor of Shooting Sports USA magazine and I enjoy
  sharing what I've learned about marksmanship, personal protection and
  safety with firearms.

   Our multimedia classes include topics on personal security, the legal aspects of owning a pistol, safe pistol handling, cleaning, storage in the home, ammunition basics and how to fire a pistol accurately, safely and with confidence.

   Whether curious to learn more or already committed to improving your skills, one of these classes should interest you. And if your plans include a pistol in the home, you need to attend one of these classes to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you.

Be safe,

Chip Lohman                                                    Instructor Video
Owner, Safepistol, LLC                                          

Distinguished Life Member NRA
B.S. Education, M.S. Systems Management
NRA Training Counselor, Certified Instructor and Coach

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